Surfing the Dunes


Today was a wonderful day. We walked more than 5 kilometers on the beach. We also enjoyed the best sights in town. First, we drove the dingy to the beach. Second, we walked on the beach. Then we went on the concrete. Then we walked on the boardwalk really close to the beach with many restaurants and shops and many hassling people.


There were three separated beaches. We went on the third one but it was a long walk to the third one. When we got there I was covered in sand. It was completely like a desert! We had to walk through sand dunes and the wind is really strong on the southern tip of the island. There are also really steep sand dunes. I ran down them with my dad and every time I fell I got sand on me.

When we got to the third beach I went swimming in the water. The waves were a little rough, but I survived. Then I went to dry off in the sun. I was bored drying off. I ate an apple.


After I was done we went back to the dinghy. Then we arrived on the boat. Then we ate lots of cheese.


Thank you Auntie Mara for helping me start my blog!

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