9D Movie Experience: Rhodes History


The movie was about the history of Rhodes, Greece.  It is only 30 minutes and it is really cool.  Now, I am not going to describe to you what Rhodes looks like.  I want you to pull out Wikipedia or a world atlas.  Anyway, the movie was about the sun god wanting his own land. Zeus divided the land in two parts. He said at sunset Helios’ island will rise out of the sea and that will be his.  Soon his island was fully out of the water and the name of that beautiful island was Rhodes.

My dad and I did some quick work with writing and word study.  And then we quickly got ready to go to the movie theater!  It wasn’t a 3D movie. It was a 9D movie! The difference between a 3D and a 9D movie is the 9D movie is more realistic.  The chair even moves! You go through a waterfall and mist shoots everywhere.   During the fire scene, Helios, the sun god, whipped his whip and it literally flew out of the screen.  I jumped up three feet in the air. Well, actually probably only one foot because we had seatbelts on.  When there was an Ottoman siege and when they were telling about it, it snows! The snow rains down on you from the top of the theater.  They also release the scent of burning bay leaves because that was how Greek torches were lit! There is a Turkish cannon that shot at the wall of Rhodes. My dad literally pooped himself when the cannon shot off.  I even got scared too.  When you go inside the water, rain drops come from the ceiling. There are even fans that make it cold. 


The sound volume was so loud and it shook the entire place. Maybe the entire Earth.  Hey people from, all over the Earth, did you hear the shake in North Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Austria, Sudan, Egypt, Syria, Croatia, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Spain, France, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Brazil, Argentina? 

Anyways I recommend you go to the 9D movie, in Rhodes next to Mandraki harbor!

When the movie was over we headed back to the boat.

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