Learning more about Zeus!


Yesterday was a splendid day.  We went to Zeus’ cave.  Zeus was born there and was hidden there because his father loved to eat babies.  His mother tried to hide him and successfully did it.  


We rented a car to go there, because it is in the middle of the island. It took a long time to get there.  It was like 1 hour and 59 minutes. If there were 60 more seconds in that traffic jam, I think it would have taken two hours!  Finally, we got to Zeus’ cave. We had to hike up a big hill to get there.  My Papai and I discovered that there were shortcuts that go straight rather than a zig zag path.  We had to climb most of the way, because we took the shortcut. 

And then we got to Zeus’ cave...  In a flash, a bat flew past me!  It was very dark down there.  It was cold. The metal bars just sucked up all the warmth from your hand.  It smelled like burnt charcoal and sulfur.  There was even a little lake down there.  Inside the lake there were nets and there was so much money in the nets.  I think they take all the money in the nets and the people who run the place make lots of moola (fancy way to say money).  There were sharp edges like ice cycle made of rock.  They were coming from the ceiling and the floor.  It went around 31 meters into the ground.  It was so dark and the guy said don’t use the flash.  All you could see the dim lights with plants growing around it.  They were not growing anywhere else. The light was acting like sun and that’s why the plants are not growing anywhere else.


When we got out, it took about two hours for my eyes to adjust to the sunlight.  We got down from the mountain and it was so easy because it was downhill. We soon got in the car.  It was a very long ride back.  It was dark because it took so long to get home.   It was great because my eyes fully adjusted to the light.  Then we went home and had dinner.  I went to bed.  

The End

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