The Shipwreck Seas


My dad said, “there is a shipwreck just off the coast that we might want to see.”  In my mind I could not wait to see the wreck. I have only seen a sunken rowboat. I have never seen a real shipwreck.  I expected it to be tiny, but it was massive! It’s not even that far off the coast. It’s just a small red marker that helps you know where it is.


My Papai looked up shipwreck and he found out that Giannoula K sunk in a storm in 1981.  Maybe it crashed into a rock during the storm.  It is a plain ole cargo ship that sunk in this bay 100m off the coast. Its 22 meters deep and my dad can dive 30 meters deep!  He can dive so deep when he goes down.  When I am scared my hair and my eyebrows pop up.  I didn’t know if he could make it back up.  

I dove down there and it was amazing.  It was cold when I dove down, cold enough to make me shiver when I got out of the water.  I have never seen a cargo ship that big.  That was the biggest sunken ship I’ve ever seen.  Even some of the ship was almost out of the water.  I don’t mean the front, I mean there is a huge metal pole and almost touching the top of the water. 

This ship is 110m cargo ship.  The beam I would guess was 13 meters across. There were window holes in the side. I wanted to go in one, but I was afraid I may run out of air and disturb the animals.  There were lots of things to look at.  You could see the snapped ropes and mechanisms on the top of the ship.  There was algae and barnacles growing all over it. There were some fish around it too. They were using it as home!  The water was a light shade of blue and when you went down deeper it was a darker shade of blue.  


We even saw lionfishes down there.  We know that they are very dangerous, so we stayed away from them.  My dad tried to get close enough to get a picture with our underwater camera. I got cold quickly so I went back to the dinghy.

When we got back to the boat we looked at the pictures and videos.  It was my first cargo ship that I have ever seen under water.  I would like to see another cargo ship like that.  I mean, what else is

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