Setting the Expectation


What’s included in the cost of your catamaran charter?
In addition to an opportunity to sail on a brand new 2017 Bavaria Nautitech 46’ Fly Catamaran, you also get a captain, a private cabin, bathroom, delicious food, fuel, mooring, anchoring fees and snorkeling gear.

What’s not included?
Docking fees, visas, Internet, VISA, immigration fees, transfers to and from the boat, natural reserve fees and scuba diving gear.  If you would like to have A/C in your cabin there will be an additional charge.

Water and Electricity
The boat life requires everyone onboard to be aware of the consumption of both water and electricity. Unlike a house that is connected to an electricity grid and a house that has ‘endless’ supplies of water flowing through, a boat has a limited amount of both.

It is critical to use as little fresh water and electricity as possible to ensure maximum prolonged comfort for all our guests.  If you NEED to take long hot shower to feel whole, a 600-person cruise ship might be your best bet. If you are able to manage a shower with a couple of gallons, a trip like this could work for you. Try it!

Pace of Our Trip
We are looking to kick our feet up, relax, breathe a little slower, and explore different places.  We quit our jobs and are traveling the world with our son because we wanted a break from constantly worrying about time. This trip is for those who are looking to relax and unwind. If you are looking to GO GO GO, book a pre-planned 7-day guided tour.

Planning for the Voyage
We try really hard to plan ahead so getting to us and departing after your trip is as easy as possible. However, Apple has not developed an App to control the world or winds (yet). Lucky for us Google can help us in figuring out how to get from where you are to where we are. Booking your flight to the closest pick-up and drop-off point will be important. Note that you will need to take a taxi/ferry to get to our precise location at the start or end of your trip.

Getting the Boat Ready
Making sure to have everything ready for your arrival is very important to us. However, access to food and other necessities depend on location. It is always an adventure finding what we understand to be ‘the basics’. In rare cases we may need additional supplies. We may ask for your cooperation in finding what we need along the way.

Despite wishing upon many shooting stars, being able to control the weather has not been yet granted to us. We will hopefully have all picture perfect days.  Although, we might also have rainy days, no wind days, and/or too much wind days. We will make the most of the adventure with what we are given while keeping everyone on board safe and comfortable as possible. Being flexible will be extremely important during the trip.

Sailing vs. Motoring
Our goal is the sail around the world and not motor it. Expect to move really slowly or not move at all if the conditions are not adequate. In some cases, we might motor, but it will be limited.

Our boat is equipped to sail the world, which means that we have some serious safety equipment to keep us and our guests safe while onboard. Satellite phone, life raft, VHF radio, radar, flares, AIS (Automatic Identification System), EPIRB, etc.…

We are not master chefs, but we enjoy indulging in good eating. We plan on making all meals for our guests trying hard to use local recipes and ingredients. We will work with our guests to make any dietary restrictions a non-issue for anyone. If you like to prepare your own food that could also be arranged. 

We love kids!  We pride ourselves in traveling, teaching and showing our son a good time everywhere we go. Our 7-year old lives onboard and we know a thing or two about traveling with kids.  He would also love the company!

Activities on Board
Some of the many activities you may enjoy are swimming, snorkeling, fishing, spearfishing, Stand Up Paddling (SUP), kayaking, sunbathing, reading, board games and many more.

We understand that what people feel about their pets is similar to what we feel about our own son. However, the only animals allowed onboard are the ones that we will eat. Please make arrangements for your pets prior to arriving.

We are a non-smoking boat. 

We are a drug free vessel. Boats are constantly inspected. If during an inspection any marijuana or other drugs are found, it could lead to a fine, confiscation of our boat, and possible jail time. We really love our boat and we aren’t cut out for jail, so please spare us. If you have medication, please be sure they are labeled accordingly.