Check out what our guests have to say about their time with us


Moema & Katy
La Rochelle, France

December 2017 - The first day we woke-up to the aroma of crepes, a day after devouring smoked salmon eggs Benedict, when just the day before “the boys” (as we affectionately came to call them) spoiled us with brioche French toast. Not even an hour into the day, and our tastebuds were already entirely engaged. After spending one week in The Wind Expedition, the only difficult part was leaving. Sure the Catamaran was immaculate, of course our excursions were memorable, but that’s not what was most difficult to walk away from, it’s leaving their heartfelt hospitality, and their smiles behind that delivers a pang to the heart. We couldn’t recommend any more profoundly that you spend your vacation here. We will be joining The Wind Expedition again this summer, and when they head to the South Pacific.

Gran Canaria, Canary Island, Spain

February 2017 - My weeklong trip with Rafael, Court and Gabe on the Wind Expedition was one of the most unique and exceptional vacation experiences I have ever had!  As we sailed our way around the island of Gran Canaria, our friendly hosts could not have been more genial and accommodating. 

Rafael prepared a seemingly endless selection of gourmet food made from local ingredients, from a delectable avocado pistachio salad to homemade crepes for breakfast to seafood paella for dinner. Meanwhile, Court explained the science of sailing and taught me about navigation.  Charming Gabriel added a lively spirit to the party.

I particularly enjoyed feeling the wind in my hair as I reclined on the boat deck sunbathing and sipping a glass of wine. Other highlights included kayaking and paddle-boarding in the ocean, looking for dolphins, and exploring local beaches and bars. And I will never forget the stunning impression of sailing past towering cliffs of volcanic rock and dropping anchor under the stars. I highly recommend this one-of-a-kind maritime experience to adventurers across the world!



Gran Canaria, Canary Island, Spain

February 2017 - As I flew in on the plane, I saw a boat in the water and I realized I wasn’t going to vacation in the Canary Islands but rather I was going to vacation in the ocean!  that was kind of the first big surprise! I just hadn’t really realized what this would be! The boat is beautiful-  I felt instant bougie!  Everything was so clean and well decorated - didn’t know boats could be so nice!!  There was a welcome plate of regional cheeses and wine!!

What was your favorite day?
That’s hard to choose - every day was so unique!  A few days we were out sailing in the middle of the day and my friend and I sat on the front of the boat just relaxing and having a drink.  Court was sailing the boat and Rafa was in the kitchen making dinner.  It was so relaxing to sit out in the sun and ride over the waves.  I day napped every time we did that too!  We also went to the beach a few times - it was fun playing with their sun Gabriel. He’s a real ham!  We used their stand up paddle board to get to the beach and Gabriel and I got knocked over by our last wave. It was super fun!

Any other highlights?
Well if you haven’t met Rafa, Court and Gabriel, you are in for a real treat! They were my real highlight!  They are so fun, thoughtful and accommodating!! We played games together, danced on the boat - they made the trip!! Oh and Chef Rafa - well I had thought I’d want to go out to eat, but the few meals we did seemed subpar in comparison to Rafa’s  cooking of paella, crepes, Mediterranean cuisine - it was awesome!