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Aeolian Islands (Isole Eolie) Sailing Itinerary 8 Days and 7 Night

  • Aeolian Islands Sicily (map)

Aeolian Islands (Isole Eolie) Sailing Itinerary
8 Days and 7 Night

This is an overview of the potential itinerary we will have as we cruise the Tyrrhenian Sea together in August.  Each day you can decide whether to have a prepared lunch and dinner onboard or eat at your own leisure elsewhere.

08/19 - Day 1                           Milazzo – Vulcano
Distance: 18 nm                     Sailing Time: 3 h 45 m

Your catamaran affectionately named, Wind, will be waiting for you in Milazzo.  You will find Milazzo in the northeastern corner of Sicily and can join us at your convenience any time after 10am.   Just give us a call and we will pick you up at the Marina Del Nettuno Milazzo and tender you to your catamaran.  Upon arrival, you will receive a safety demonstration, a welcome drink and tapas.  You will be shown around the boat and to your rooms where you can get unpacked and make your way to the multiple deck areas to make yourself comfortable.  Once everyone is settled and has eaten, we will make our way (approximately 4 hours of sailing) to Vulcano, the closest Aeolian island to Milazzo.  We will anchor near Punta dell’Asino where you can enjoy the sunset, the water, drinks and a delicious dinner.

08/20: Day 2                         Vulcano – Lipari
Distance: 3 nm                       Sailing Time: 45 m

Following a delicious Mediterranean breakfast, we will take a short trip (approximately 1 hour) to the main town of Isola Vulcano, Vulcano Porto.   From here you can choose to relax on the beach, take a hike up the Vulcano’s beautiful Gran Crater, explore the city or visit the Natural Reserve of Vulcano.  Once you are finished exploring the island we will eat lunch and/or make our way to Lipari’s Spiaggia Beach di Vinci for dinner and a drink on the upper deck.

08/21: Day 3                         Lipari – Panarea
Distance: 12 nm                     Sailing Time: 2 h 30 m

After a filling breakfast, we will make our way to the northern side of the island to leaf through the layers of history and beauty of the Lipari Castle, stroll the streets of this beautiful port city or sail up further to Coral Beach Stabilmento Balneare. The beach is a full service destination with colorful houses and a relaxing atmosphere.   When you are ready to come back to your boat, we will pick you up and head to our next island destination, Panarea.  Once we arrive we will anchor near Caletta dei Zimmari, eat dinner and enjoy the sunset from the catamaran’s roof deck. 


08/22: Day 4                         Panarea – Stromboli
Distance: 12 nm                     Sailing Time: 2 h 30 m

This morning, we will wake up enjoy a nutritious breakfast, a swim, kayak or paddle board rides. Then we will tender you over to Panarea’s Prehistoric Village - a well preserved settlement of 2000 B.C. built during the bronze age or visit the Junco cove beach, which is a short ride away to this great panorama view and crystalline seas.  You can also take the 7 km trail up the 400m mountain if you feel up to it.  From Panarea, we will make our way to Stromboli.  After sundown, we will light the BBQ, grill up vegetables, meats and stir up some local cuisine.  Enjoy a beautiful night and champagne toast under the starlit sky at Ficogrande. You can also make the epic evening hike to the top of Stromboli for an unforgettable show of one of Earth’s most active volcanos.  You can rent hiking shoes if you don’t want to lug your hiking boots with you. 


08/23: Day 5                         Stromboli – Panarea
Distance: 12 nm                     Sailing Time: 2 h 30 m

You will wake up to one of our favorite breakfasts, crepes with a smorgasbord of toppings.   After breakfast, the morning is yours on the dynamic island of Stromboli!  What will you do?  You can go to a volcanic beach, take a hike through pristine nature, stroll the beautiful streets of Stromboli, window shop or even visit the Museum Cinema di Stromboli.  This town has a lot of activities and has tons of places to relax, have a coffee as well as grab the souvenirs for those back home.  After you are back and settled, we will make our way back to the beautiful island of Panarea.  We will anchor down in Porticello an old pumice stone factory with crystal clear waters.  On this evening you will enjoy a regionally prepared dish prepared fresh aboard Wind. 

08/24: Day 6                         Panarea – Salina
Distance: 12 nm                     Sailing Time: 2 h 30 m

It is on the waters of Panarea where you will awake to your custom prepared breakfast and enjoy your preferred hot morning beverages on the back deck of your catamaran. We will explore more of this small island in search of the perfect spots to anchor, snorkel, swim, kayak, paddle board, or just lounge in the sun of the Tyrrhenian Sea.  Following a lunch and more fun in the sun, we will sail towards Salina. While you take in the sunshine as we cruise to Santa Marina Salina. Let the crew spoil you with a tropical beverage. As the day ends and the sun sets behind us, we will serve you yet another deliciously prepared dinner to close out another day in paradise.

08/25: Day 7                         Salina – Lipari
Distance: 13 nm                     Sailing Time: 2 h 45 m

After a lavish breakfast, we will make our way through the eastern part of the island of Salina where we will enjoy the beautiful and dramatic cliffs of the Area Balneare Pollara.  A place people claim is a “piece of paradise!”  After a day of sightseeing, you will return to your yacht and be served another scrumptious lunch at this stellar location. More water sports are up for grabs before we cruise back east to Lipari. Upon arriving in Lipari, we will host a final dinner onboard while taking in the last bit of sunshine at the secluded Punta del Perciato anchorage.

08/26: Day 8                         Lipari

You will relish your last breakfast aboard Wind catamaran.  You can take in the last moments of crystal clear waters, take photos, arrange your items and say your goodbyes to the crew.  We will then return you safely to land. 

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