Meet the creW



Court found his love of sailing growing up in Charleston, SC on a 26' Chrysler called the Curmudgeon.  Much later, he graduated cum laude from the University of South Carolina with his Bachelors of Science in Chemistry with cognates in biology and mathematics. During University, he attended the Medical University of South Carolina performing diabetes research. After he moved to Lake Tahoe, CA where he worked with the Tahoe Conservancy to identify best management practices for storm water treatment in the Tahoe Basin. He then joined the United States Peace Corps to teach science in French for two and a half years in the small village of Samba in Burkina Faso, W. Africa. He has since worked as a manager at the Charleston Visitor Center, group leader at the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry, and chemical analyst at Chehalem Winery outside Portland, Oregon. He taught science at Robert F. Kennedy Magnet School of Community Studies and until June 2017 taught at the Metropolitan Expeditonary Learning School in Queens, NY for the last 10 years. He graduated with his Masters of Arts in Teaching with a focus in middle childhood education in science. He is fascinated with travel and has traveled to thirty-seven countries around the world exploring culture, language and cuisine.  He is a National Board Certified Teacher and a Math for America Master Teacher. 


Rafael migrated with family from Brazil to Florida at 11 years old.  As a kid he often visited friends and family in Brazil but always wished to see the rest of the world.   After graduation from the University of Florida with a bachelors of design in architecture, he decided his passion lied with working with people. While trying to connect with the world, he decided to join the Peace Corps. In the Peace Corps, he learned that different cultures help to create a more peaceful world. Through volunteer projects with the ministry of youth and partnership with UNICEF he trained a core group of young adults to provide HIV and aids education and life skills to communities across the country. 

Upon returning to the US. Rafael tried to fit the mold in a 9 to 5 job at Barry University volunteer center. He quickly realized that his passion for seeing the world was unfulfilled. He left his job to take a job at United Airlines.   As a flight attendant, Rafael had the opportunity to visit many countries.  Feeling that he had yet found his calling he entered the world of education, where he finally saw the impact he could have in the world.  While working for the NYC Department of Education, he had the opportunity to teach many diverse groups of students before transitioning to school leadership.  As a principal in east Harlem, he saw first hand the importance of quality education and the impact that authentic learning experiences could have on children.  Feeling the need to provide an authentic and high quality learning experience for his son, he chose to embark on this journey. 




Gabriel is possibly the coolest kid on Earth!  He is a 7 year-old that is fascinated with science, exploring, and being funny.  He loves learning and trying new things.  He has attended NYC public schools for the last 2 years and is extremely excited to be learning from the the best teachers ever. He will be recording his learning during The Wind Expedition on a video log where other kids and adults alike can experience our journey and his learning through his eyes.  He cannot wait to swim with the sea turtles.